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About the Project

Some Assembly Required

It’s fairly easy to become a dad. But being a dad, especially a Christian dad, is not so easy. The role sneaks up on you without any real instruction or user’s manual. Then, after a few short years, you find yourself in the midst of what is certainly a joyous responsibility, but at times a frustrating and challenging role. It is a role that, if we are not properly prepared, can often leave us short on answers as to what God wants us to be as fathers. It is a role that requires some assembly by a builder who is ready to start The Fatherhood Project.

A Firm Foundation

Any great building project begins with a solid plan. As men, we tend to bring good planning into our work, finances, vacations and even our golf game. But for most of us, the thought of creating a plan of how we will best lead our families, is somewhat of a new idea. The Fatherhood Project provides the tools and environment to begin building a plan for how to lead your family as well as provide steps on how to take this plan from the drawing board and put it into action!

The Fatherhood Project places a specific focus on four foundational roles that fathers serve their families as provider, protector, partner and preparer. Participants are provided the opportunity to grow in greater effectiveness and confidence in these four roles by guiding dads through a Christ-centered understanding found in the Scriptures.

Fathers who participate in The Fatherhood Project will grow in these foundational truths:

  • God has called us to be fathers and that through this call, He has provided us with the means to fulfill this call.
  • God uses our role as fathers to be a direct expression of His role as God the Father in our children’s lives, with the purpose of bringing our children into a close relationship with God the Father through his son Jesus and for our children to see themselves as sons and daughters of God.
  • God has placed each of us as fathers to be the leading authority and example in our children lives. Along with mom, we are their primary guide to adulthood.

As fathers, we can best serve in this most important role of being a dad  by taking a more intentional and deliberate approach, guided by the Holy Spirit. This means moving from an approach that many of us use, which is to “take it as it comes,” and to move to a place where we lead our families with a well thought out, prayerfully considered practical plan for leading our families.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for information on upcoming workshops.

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