About the Project Developer

The Fatherhood Project-Building Great Dads was developed by Dan Dolsen. Dan has been married to Kristin for more than 30 years, and they have three sons: Michael who is married to Jana and lives in California, David who serves in campus ministry with University Christian Outreach and John who is a student at the University of Michigan. Dan and Kristin reside in Saline, Michigan.

dan dolsen and his family

From left to right: Jana, Michael, Dan, Kristin, David and John

Dan works for CBRE, a national commercial real estate company where he serves as a Senior Managing Director focused on real estate strategy. He is a graduate of The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

Dan is active in his church, University Lutheran Chapel in Ann Arbor. He has served in a variety of roles, including as a teacher for both children and adult Bible classes. Dan comes from a diverse ecumenical background, including Catholic missions, publishing and television, as well as serving as an elder in both the Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. He developed the coursework Jesus@Work, which provides teaching on how Christians can be a more effective witness in the workplace.

Friends insist that the glue that holds Dan and Kristin’s marriage together is a deep love and devotion to Jesus Christ and a desire to live out His purposes. When it comes to fatherhood, Dan’s only training has been “on the job,” a job, he says, that “every father must face with courage, strength and a whole lot of laughter!”

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