Teaching Your Kids About Financial Responsibility

My wife and I recently entered a new phase of life with all our children (mostly) off the proverbial “payroll.” It’s a great feeling of accomplishment, but it has caused us to reflect on what we have taught them about money over the last nearly 30 years. Did they learn the key life lessons of how to handle money? I think we did pretty well, but on a broader scale, as a country, we are clearly demonstrating low financial aptitude. Take, for example, the escalating level of household debt, which hit an all-time high in 2017. Clearly, we need [...]

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Need a Tax Break?

It’s that time of year again. Time to complete the annual tax-filing ritual and get those dependents to finally pay off! As you go through the motions, you’re asked that familiar question: “Can you be claimed on someone else’s taxes as a dependent?” It’s usually an easy question to answer – for tax purposes. But what about the way you live your life…who are you dependent on? If I’m honest, my answer is generally, “me, myself and I.” (Does that count as three dependents?!) Of course, I do depend on my amazing wife, my co-workers and many of my [...]

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