Participating in The Fatherhood Project

The Fatherhood Project brings together fathers from all walks of life to focus on the most important responsibility a man can hold — being a dad. Men join together, in a variety of settings, to focus on what the Bible teaches. This is accomplished through the following programs:

  • Highly interactive, multi-session workshops called: “Building Great Dads”
  • Weekend retreats called:  “The Weekend Project”
  • Men’s nights called: “Some Assembly Required”

Building Great Dads

This six-session workshop is a focused study that moves at a pace which allows participants to dig into the themes and planning activities that are foundational to The Fatherhood Project. During the six-week study, participants will meet in groups during the Project Meetings as well as work on daily Construction Projects that are completed on their own and then reviewed in the Project Meetings.

Building Great Dads is presented in six sessions called Project Meetings:

Project Meeting One: Building a Firm Foundation presents the foundational truths about God the Father’s love for His children and the special place He has for us as His sons.

Project Meeting Two: Building a Provider opens the Biblical principles of how we are to provide for our families as fathers who put their confidence in their Heavenly Father.

Project Meeting Three:  Building a Protector explores the various influences that seek to do harm to our families and how as a dad, you can effectively defend your family against these forces.

Project Meeting Four: Building a Partner focuses on Biblical principles that form the foundation of good, healthy relationships within the family.

Project Meeting Five: Building a Preparer guides fathers through the often challenging task of how to best support their children as they prepare to face adulthood.

Project Meeting Six: Building a Great Family brings to the forefront what it means to be a truly great family and how can dads lead their families to greatness.

The Weekend Project

The Weekend Project is the retreat that doesn’t know it’s a retreat because it is presented in a fast-paced workshop-style environment patterned after the six-week Building Great Dads workshop offering. Participants prepare a blueprint for how to become more intentional in leading their family. At the end of this weekend workshop, participants return to their families with a plan for how to better serve as a great dad!

This one and half day encounter is typically presented on a Friday evening and an all day Saturday gathering. The format is a slimmed-down version of the six Project Meetings and includes a few group projects that help participants connect with the key themes of the Building Great Dads full workshop format.

Some Assembly Required – Men’s Night

An evening workshop introduces The Fatherhood Project with a particular focus on one of the Building Great Dads Project Meeting topics. This one-night event is a great way to introduce your group to The Fatherhood Project – Building Great Dads.

Upcoming Events

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