family kayaking on the riverOn a business trip several years ago, I visited the construction site of a major hotel and conference center. As I entered the construction trailer, it was clear the superintendent was frustrated. Although construction was well underway, he quickly explained, the plans were not yet complete. He was building blind!

Sounds risky, right? Building a hotel without a firm plan?

What about building a family without a plan? As fathers, we often take each day as it comes – building blindly. We have so many options for how we’ll spend our time – golfing, hiking, traveling. But we’re not always intentional when it comes to our plans for building a strong family.

So, what is your plan for your family? You most likely have two reactions. First, sounds good…I should get a plan. Second, where do I begin? I’m glad you asked!

Start with a List

The Fatherhood Project-Building Great Dads focuses much of its approach on building a solid, Biblically based plan for our families. You can start by grabbing a piece of paper and listing the names of each of your family members. Then, with list in hand, take some time (10 minutes is a good starting point) and simply ask God to inspire you to do something this week that allows you to communicate His love toward them. It may be something as simple as spending time with each of them.

My three boys, for example, are now adults who no longer live at home, but every week, I try to spend time with each of them. For my son who lives in California, it’s a phone call. For the two who are local, I try to grab one-on-one breakfasts.

Last week, I felt like the time I was spending with one of my sons was too focused on “serious stuff.” God inspired me to take him kayaking to lighten the conversation. It was great, and I’m sure we both experienced real love for one another.

That’s it. That’s the basis for developing a plan to demonstrate your and God’s love for your family. So grab a paddle, or golf club or whatever works and simply spend some time with your family this week.   But remember, start with the list and pray for God’s inspiration. Otherwise, you could find yourself up a river without a paddle (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

The Perfect Blueprint

We often find ourselves wanting to bring more of God to our families, but we don’t have a real plan to do so. Truth is, we have the perfect blueprint for being a dad – the Bible. Even so, it can be hard to know where to start and how to put good plans into action. That’s where The Fatherhood Project – Building Great Dads comes into play.

We’ll show you what the Scriptures teach about fatherhood and will help you construct a plan for how you can best serve in your role as a dad. The plan won’t address every issue you face with your family, but it will help you become more deliberate and intentional in your parenting. It will also lead you to grow even deeper in your reliance on your Heavenly Father, who really understands what it means to be a father. To find out more, check out the materials on our Resources page.